Law Land Company is an Auckland based land delivery company, specialising in managing land development projects because understanding land is easy, but cultivating relationships is tricky.

Each project is a passion and that’s the Law Land difference!

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Who we are

Auckland based land delivery specialists, Land Law Company Limited takes the hassle and uncertainty out of development projects by managing the entire process from start to finish.

From the purchase of a property to designing and subdividing, to construction and delivery, to marketing and selling, Law Land Company is the project partner you wish you always had. Getting your development done right, on time and on budget isn’t just our goal, it’s our mission.

Working with land development companies from start to finish we utilise a diverse background of land surveying, civil and structural design, civil construction management, machine operation and build delivery management to pull together the best teams for the best results for each and every project.

When it comes to Land Law Company you can rest assured, not only does Chris hold a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, but is an experienced operator and Law Land are highly efficient project delivery managers and know how to build positive relationships with your stakeholders.

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What we do

Full development cycle.

As a specialist in the delivery and management of land development and improvement projects, we bring together all facets of land development, providing expertise and unrivalled management skills from the initial master plan and feasibility study right until completion.

Project management isn’t just one of our core competencies, it is our entire business! We treat every project as if it was our own, working to ensure the best possible results by building, leveraging and maintaining strong relationships across the entire industry.


Investment and Funding

Have you got some land that you wish to develop but not sure where to get the funding from?

Have you got the funding to invest but not sure who to approach, who to trust and how to utilise it?

Law Land Company has industry-wide contacts and always have our eye on opportunities. We aligning our work to suit your ideas and dreams, and then make them a reality. By aligning ourselves with you, we treat the project just as if it were our own. So you can rest assured your investment is in the right hands.


Designing and Consenting

This is where profits are realised. Whether you enter the project with us as your partners at the investment and funding phase or at the design and consenting phase, we work with the land and think outside the square to help the project, and you, realise the best possible return.

Due diligence work is critical. You need the right answers before committing to anything or risk exposing yourself to more problems than opportunities. Investing in due diligence is akin to getting pre-purchase inspections for a car, only way more important. Utilising the best master planners Law Land can quickly identify problems and find solutions.

It’s at this stage that you desperately need someone to help navigate your way through red tape and turn your idea into a real project with real potential. Resource Consent approval through your local council, satisfying environmental, geotechnical, ecological and civil constraints can hold up even the best of projects. Our development management strategies can alleviate the stress caused by the consenting process and help push it through with optimal results.

It is the people in the companies and organisations where relationships are formed that make the difference. And that is what you get with Law Land!


Sales and Marketing

Create an image and sell that project. Be it in pieces or as a whole, you need the right sales agent to position the project the right way within your target market.

They have access to people and companies ready to buy what you are selling. Combine that with the very best marketing agency and you’ve nailed it.

Keep them honest and on track.


Construction and Delivery

As part of delivering the best complete package, we provide contract tender, contract documentation and construction delivery management.

With a great reputation for delivering difficult projects with difficult time frames, Law Land Company are your best choice when it comes to managing your development project. Focused on programme and cost by knowing what we’re doing and who we’re working with it’s an obvious decision to choose Law Land Company.

We can simplify the whole process by delivering your project with our in-house construction team, no matter the size or the scale. This is a competitive one-stop solution designed to bring your land investments and development opportunities to life, on time and within budget, maximising your profitability.

How we do it

Chris has a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and has grown his relationship and people management skills via many different work / life environments. This enables a great team for your project, no matter the size or location.

Below is just some of the amazing feed back that gets received;


We have found you to be a professional manager who has a positive can do attitude. Always asking questions on how we can try and improve performance and ensure that deadlines are met.
Myself & other staff enjoy working with you.

– Candor3

Chris will delve into the issue straight away till a solution has been provided.
He is upfront and straight for a solution. Effective and result orientated. Flexible yet with a firm goal. Chris is a great communicator, approachable and professional. He is a great person to work with.

– Chorus

From an initial troubled start from a Council perspective I have found working with you to be a great experience. You have acted professionally at all times and delivered on your commitments to the council.

– Auckland Council

Chris hits the issue front on – great communication. Most issues are identified and raised by Chris early on before they become a big issue. Definitely a collaborative approach involving key members from each team. Chris is well connected with the wider team. If there is something Chris doesn’t know, he is first to admit and try to find someone who does.

– HG

As a client side PM you are great to deal with as you have a sound construction knowledge in the land development sector, which can be uncommon in our field. There is never a feeling of “us and them” and you really help to push the project along.

– Sureway


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