Who we are

As land development management specialists, Land Law Company takes the hassle and uncertainty out of development projects by managing the entire process from start to finish.

From the purchase of a property to designing and consenting, to construction and delivery and even marketing and selling, Law Land Company is the project partner you wish you always had. Getting your development done right, on time and on budget isn’t just our goal, it’s our mission.

Working with other land development experts, we utilise diverse skill sets in all areas including; land surveying, civil design, planning, environmental, and civil construction. Our team has the experience in each of these areas to know when we are on track, equally when we are not.

When it comes to Land Law Company you can rest assured you are being led by the right team; not only does Chris hold a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, he is also an experienced excavator operator, has been a drain-layer, surveyor and civil designer. His real skill though is managing highly talented individuals and teams for efficient project delivery.

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